Oona Eager 


Here’s what I believe: the application of effective community building and community engagement principles ...
1. leads to shared prosperity and power,
2. supports all of us amidst increasing global instability, and
3. surfaces innovative solutions that work for more people.

What does this look like in practice? 

My work often centres around the co-development of platform approaches, events, and communications engineered both for connection and the surfacing of collective intelligence. I have gained deep experience in this area as former Head of Community Engagement at THNK and as Head of Community at GoFA. That being said, I am always in learning mode.

Selected Projects.
| Community convening & experience production
| Newsletter writing & production
| Crowd-funding campaign strategy and copywriting

About me.
I work with organizations both large and small.
I have been described by colleagues as: creative & resourceful; laser-focused in times of change;  a curator of people & focused on the human experience; collaborative, especially amongst diverse stakeholders; a ‘spider-in-the-web’. 

If you’re getting started on a project, send me a note and let’s get to know each other.

 ~ oonaeager
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