Hi, I’m Oona.
I design content and develop communications
that enable belonging and move people (to act). 

In practice.
I’m dedicated to the development of content, communications, and events [online & offline] that are engineered for building community. I possess deep experience in this realm as former Head of Community Engagement at THNK. Recent clients have also included the communities of GoFA, the Port of Rotterdam, and BYCS, as well as internal communications projects for Booking.com. Please contact me for further details about my portfolio.

My approach.
I am both a strategist and a tactician and clients rely on me to provide high-level perspective as well as hands-on execution. I always approach communication and content projects and events as an opportunity to apply participatory and agile approaches; this co-creative and iterative way of working ensures better outcomes and a more enjoyable process for myself and my clients.

About me.
After living in Vancouver for many years, I made a new home in Amsterdam in 2017. I continue to engage with clients from around the world, and when I’m not working, I’m riding my bicycle, reading books, or having an evening out with my partner at one of the city’s fine local restaurants.

If you’re getting started on a project or you’re stuck somewhere in the middle, send me a note and let’s get to know each other.